Rent A Classic Car,
The classic and sports car rental on the French Riviera!

The French Riviera is one of the most beautiful places in the world to enjoy from behind the wheel of a classic sports car. Go for a drive in the country in a Porsche 356 Speedster, cruise down the Croisette in Cannes in a Ford Mustang, take on the sharp bends of the Monte Carlo Rally in a Lotus Seven or go for a dinner in Monaco in our Jaguar E-Type; Nice and its region are a true paradise for car enthusiasts…

A wonderful collection at your entire disposal!

Rent A Classic Car is proud to offer you an “ideal collection” ranging from the uncompromising sports cars (Lotus Super Seven, AC Cobra, Ferrari 308 GTS) to the everlasting classics (Porsche 356 Speedster, Jaguar E-Type, Mercedes 190 SL, Austin-Healey, etc.). From the original “fun” cars (2CV, MG TD) to the prestigious saloons (Ford Mustang Convertible).

Whether it be a for a weekend, a holiday, a birthday celebration, a wedding or a day out with friends, all these cars are at your disposal without heavy investment, without the hassle of maintenance, storage or insurance. They are yours without constraints and you can swap between them at your leisure…

Prices comparable to a “normal” rental, 5 to 10 times cheaper than a “luxury” or a “supercar” rental

As the cars are part of our own private collection and because their values do not depreciate, we are able to rent our cars out at very competitive rates. In fact, about the same as an “everyday” rental!

For the same price as a Clio for the day, take the wheel of a MG TD or a Lotus Super Seven! For the same price as a weekend away in a Passat, experience the music of the Alfa Roméo Spider Giulietta’s “Twin Cam” or the roar of the AC Cobra V8 engine!

Glamourous and appealing beyond any comparison …

Because they also are a piece of history and have witnessed an art of living, these cars have much more to offer than your average modern “luxury” car or “supercar”.

As you cruise along, you will most likely encounter friendly looks and thumbs up from people, engage in conversations with other car lovers or even be asked if a picture could be taken behind the wheel. Regardless the situation, you won’t go unnoticed!

Finally, classic cars are practical and worry-free!

Your car on a plate!!!

Come and pick-up your “classic” in our “garage museum” in Nice… You will see many other automobile “beauties”!!! Otherwise we can deliver on request directly to Nice airport, to your hotel or in any other place of your choice between Nice, Cannes and Monaco, just ask us for a quote…

For the evening, the weekend or your whole holiday

The rental periods are from 1 to 7 days and above. On a 7 day rental or longer, you can swap vehicle at least once depending on availability. Why not rent a Lotus Seven for your week’s holiday and take your wife out for an unforgettable dinner in a Mercedes 190 SL?

Always rentals without chauffeur, of cars belonging to Rent A Classic Car

Unless specifically requested, our cars come without chauffeurs, without mandatory road-book or any strings attached! The cars we are renting out belong to us; we don’t put you in touch with collectors, convinced that you might scratch or wreck their car! We go over the ins and outs of the car together and YOU take the wheel!