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Our "news" and the company in the French and international press ...

Renting out classic cars it is as well a beautiful story to tell and many journalists have understood it... Some of them have even come to "test the products"! Many thanks to these professionals, French and foreigns, for their interest in our business.

Hot from the press!!!

A big THANK YOU to our friend Andrew Birbeck from the magazine “Open Skies” (the “inflight” magazine of Emirates Airlines) for putting us and our “babies” in the spotlight… Open Skies is read each months by more than 2,3 millions readers in the world!!!

We are proud to appear in this beautiful series of “enthusiastic entrepreneurs portraits” … It matches us perfectly!!!







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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Rent A Classic Car’s Citroën DS Convertible!!!

It’s more than a year ago that we have rented our Citroën DS Convertible “Chapron” to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for the shooting of their new movie “By The Sea”, therefore we were getting quite impatient to know what place they had given to our “baby”…

To say the very least… We are not disappointed!!! From the opening crédits our “Déesse” is quite simply omnipresent!!! Afterwards, it accompanies them  during the whole movie until the ending crédits where “Brad and Angie” let their complicity come out… Behind the wheel of our DS!!!


See the video on our YouTube channel…


Rent A Classic Car News “live” on Facebook !!!


Many clients and friends have asked for it, you can now follow all Rent A Classic Car’s news “in real time” on our Facebook page!!!

“On the menu” of this page, the latest additions to our “fleet”, the ongoing restauration projects in our “garage museum”, photos and videos of our “babies” and our “rallies”, coverage of the events that our “classics” are entering and above all many beautiful “car stories” from the French Riviera

Join us, post your own classic car photos, tell us what “novelty” you would like to see in the “collection”… Your wishes may very well be granted!






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On our classic cars’ secret service…

It will be a few more weeks before the 2016 “season” really starts… So in order to wait patiently we have selected some of your most beautiful photos “on a mission” on the French Riviera behind the wheel of our “babies”!!!

It’s Laurent Mancini (co-founder and host of the “Belles Classiques” weblog…) who has produced this very beautiful presentation in the fashion of a “James Bond” movie (Sean Connery era, of course…).

It’s all in there: Monty Norman and John Barry’s music theme, fantastic photos of our “babies” in the most beautiful places of the French Riviera, our “garage museum” in Nice, and you of course… Behind the wheel!!!


see our video “On a Classic mission” on our YouTube channel…

Pierce Brosnan behind the Wheel of our Mercedes 250 SL Pagoda!!!

Thanks to Nice Matin we have already seen some “stolen” photos from the Hackett shooting  with Pierce Brosnan and our Mercedes 250 SL (see here).

The advertisment campaign has now officially started and our “Pagoda” is no less than right on the cover of the “Autumn and winter Style Guide” from the prestigious British fashion brand, entitled “The leading Man”!!! (which fits perfectly Pierce Brosnan…).

The photos are gorgeous, actually it’s a true “style bible” for all Gentlemen Drivers…


Voir notre Mercedes 250 SL Pagode sur le site de Hackett

Our Porsche 356 Speedster on German TV!

When Fandango films contacted us we were far from suspecting that our Porsche 356 Speedster would be the star of a sequence from the number one reality TV show of VoxNow, the German TV channel!!!

“Mieten, kaufen, whonen” is a reality TV show dedicated to… Real Estate!!! The pitch, buy or sell a property in front of the cameras, and there all is fair… One of the busty candidates had chosen our Speedster to impress her client and sell him a dream property in Cannes.

Drive on the Croisette to the “flat four” music, private beach and “glamorous look” … What a pleasure to see our Porsche 356 Speedster “in good hands”!!!




To Fandango films’ website…

The Pic brothers ride our Mustang to the Hotel Metropole in Monaco!!!


When Marine Berry from the Metropole Hotel in Monaco contacted us we have immediatelyadhered to her project “Metropole Men – Metropole Women“, a serie of photograhs toincarnate the “glamour” of the hotel (who is also welcoming the famous “l’Atelier” of Joël Robuchon …).

Above all, among the first “Metropole Men” were Charles and Arthur Pic, Arthur beeing the only Frenchman in Formule 1!!! You can imagine that we have been more than happy to lend him our “Pony” for a tour in Monaco …














Voir le site de l’hôtel Métropole Monte Carlo

“B-There”, Brussels Airlines’s in-flight magazine


When Andrew Birbeck pitched us the article he was preparing for “B-There”, the Brussels Airlines in-flight magazine, we immediately found back ourselves…

Andrew told us about the Grande Corniche, the Casino plazza in Monaco, about Eze, the cinema history, classic Porsche and Jaguar, about the 60’s and the French Riviera…

All this is in his article, with a bit of Scott Fitzgerald on top, what we are not exactly unhappy about…




To the Brussel Airlines’ website…

FHM, UK edition…


Classic cars are everywhere nowadays… Even where you are not expecting them!

Thus when a journalist from the English FHM got in touch with us for a project of article about the “French Riviera” we were a bit skeptical?

We were rather picturing them in a Lamborghini Gallardo or an Audi R8? However it’s our 1967 Mercedes 250 SL “Pagoda” that Matt and Stuart picked to test night-clubs between Saint-Tropez and Monaco … What a good taste!!!



















See or Mercedes 250 SL Pagoda on FHM Magazine’s website…

Nice-Monaco-Milan for Stella Artois Australia…

It’s an extraordinary adventure that Stella Artois has decided to offer to the winners of a competition in Australia… A European tour in the most crazy and original means of transport!

Canal boat, airship, Orient Express train… And a rally with Rent A Car Classic’s “fleet” between Nice, Monaco et Milano!!!

F2T, Australien incentive specialist, gave us carte blanche to devise a road-book between hardline sports car motoring and Italian Dolce Vita. In the menu “palaces” in Monaco and San Remo, Truffles tasting in Alba, hairpin turns in the Italian Alps and long straights through the Pô valley, before a triumphant finish in Milano in front of the Duomo! An unforgettable memory for all our staff too…







See the F2T website…

Metro takes the wheel!!!

Metro_ArticleInventor of the “free daily magazine”, Metro is now a worldwide leader in the press industry. Therefore we were very happy to hand the keys of our Porsche “356” to Michel Bernouin from Metro NiceGone with the firm intention to “show off“, he realized the discreet chic of “James Dean’s car”… Tested and approved!!!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are shooting “by the sea” in our Citroën DS Convertible!!!

équipe tournage copie

It’s good that we have the Daily Mail and its paparazzis to give us some news of our Citroën DS Convertible “Chapron”!!!

We have rented it three months to Universal for the shooting of the next Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s movie and we are starting to miss “her” a little bit…

However it’s lucky that the title of the DS is allowing 6 passengers because they are really using it at its maximum… (we have phoned the production after seeing the photos in the Daily Mail, the trunk cover has been taken apart and the crew is actually sitting in the boot!!!).

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie caught by the Daily Mail’s paparazzi 

Rent A Classic Car partners with Classic & Sports Car and Air France!!!

Classic&SportsCar_ArticleFor every classic car enthusiast in the world Classic & Sports Car is an authority, actually the magazine is truly close to a “Bible”!!!

To say the least we have been hugely proud to partner with Classic & Sports Car, the Beau Rivage Hotel, Air France and the Automobile Club de Nice in order to offer a reader a “dream week-end” on the French Riviera in our RAM Cobraa competition featured on the cover of the summer issue!!! (Summer 2013).











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