classic escapes & treat ideas…

Rent A Classic Car,

1001 new ideas to treat or treat yourself !

Driving one of our collection’s car is being certain to get a completely different experience and some unforgettable memories. Our service is the chosen companion of all those moments that we want to be “special”, from the major occasions to the little escape for two, pleasures to offer or to give yourself!


For a romantic Week-end …

… Buy yourself the magic and the charm of a 60’s roadster. The Alfa Roméo Spider Giulia, the Triumph TR4 or the Mercedes 250 SL “Pagoda” will take you as far as you likequickly and with enough luggage for a long week-end.

Discover together a new car full of unknown sensations, enjoy its chic and “glamour”, let the curious chat you up and question you about it and make a fantastic impression when parking in front of the hotel or the restaurant!


For family holidays on the French Riviera…

…Choose the 2CV or the MG “TD”. Your children will be crazy about them and these cars are actually really convenient for the summerThey are completely open, they go everywhere and… No problem with the sand!.

On top of that, for the price of a trivial “normal” car rental, you will enjoy a “very chic”car, which will never be displaced, neither on the port of Saint-Tropez nor in the streets of Antibes-Juans les pins…


For a wedding…

..Offer or treat yourself with the Porsche 356 Speedster, the Mercedes 190 SL or the Jaguar E TypeA classic car it’s the certainty of beautiful and original pictures which will continue to delight you many years after the ceremony.

Then it is also the possibility to go proudly down the Promenade des Anglais or the Croisette leading the bridal party and the horn concert! And why not a classic car for the best man as well?.


For a sport driving experience…

….Rent one of our “hardline” classic sports cars, Lotus Super Seven, Porsche Spyder 550RS or AC Cobra, and experience them on the small rear country roads! It’s a real return to the driving roots, rear wheel drive, no ABS and singing engines !.

To go even further why not try our cars on the very near “Le Luc” race track with our licensed instructor? You will discover or rediscover the skidding pleasure and the “car control” secrets.


For a drive with some mates (and some girlfriends!)…

Rent 2 or 3 classic cars and find a nice spot for a wonderful picnic (we can advise the nice spot and even prepare the baskets !). Drive successively, try all the cars and compare them.

At the end of the “step” you will rest in a charming hotel, but you won’t stop gazing at the lines of your “improvised rallye” cars … Before going back on tracks for a night “special stage” ?

And also going for a dinner “a deux” in an Austin Healey, the scenic week-end in a Lotus Super Seven, high life in Cannes with an AC Cobra, the surprise birthday gift, the father’s day treat, the stag night, etc.